Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

In a certain weekend, I went to a lecture by the director of a middle school where my son is going to. As expected, there were many guardians participating, and there were many suggestions in the content of lecture by the school president. I was made to think about my life ahead.

I took out the book of Peter F. Drucker from my bookshelf after a long absence and began to read again in the moving train. There are lots of places where markers are pulled down, but not remembered at all. As always, Drucker’s book has a new discovery each time it is read. To be accurate, it is noticed that “I did not understand its essence” at that time.

The other books I read recently are “Mobility2.0” by Sanshiro Fukao (Nikkei Publishing), “The reason is in change” by Katsuya Nomura (KK Best Sellers), “Issues in Japan 2019-20” by Ken’ichi Ohmae (President). In addition, I tried to read some books related to Blockchain, but all of them broke down on the way. It is different from what I expected, and it was mainly focused on “How exciting Blockchain is!”. There was no technical explanation, it was too boring and I could not keep reading intention. What I was hoping was “technical commentary” that I can understand even not an engineer.

It was my American friend Tim Romero (entrepreneur, angel investor) who solved my problem consciousness. The explanation from him was only one technical point of view, but I understood both the possibility of the Blockchain and its structure and that there are many areas not suitable for Blockchain. It is well understood that “to shift to Blockchain all” said in the streets is “spacy”.

By the way, there is only one day left in 2018. Years, a sense of the end of the year disappears and a year passes quickly.

In the first half of this year I went abroad like a month, but now when I review the Google Calendar again, from the end of January to the beginning of February it was “our first son’s junior high school exam”. There was such a thing as well … It feels like a long time ago.

Actually, just before the first son’s examination, then the second son who was the senior of a nursery school had a fever, yes, of all others…Both my wife and I felt something cold on my spine, but our second son had stayed in his room until our first son’s exam was finished other than the toilet and ate meals in his room. A few days after the exam of the first son was successfully completed, the second son confessed with a smile that “I say it now, but I was so bored”.

It is said in Jpan that “The entrance examination for elementary schools entrance examination for parents. The entrance examination for the middle school entrance examination of family. The entrance examination for universities entrance examination for themselves.” The examination was in accordance with the words.

Another thing to mention about my family, thanks to our first son and second son, I have the opportunity to listen to J-Pop music recently even though I’m a Western music listener. My recent favorite is “c.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.” byONE OK ROCK and “RAIN” by SEKAI NO OWARI. To be young is just wonderful. It also means that I have been old… I hope the future of people filled with Yokohama stadium will be bright.

Finally, when I talk about a little work, I’ve made so many meetings with people at a certain big company to realize the big vision I’ve been thinking. That is the vision deliver a huge impact on the society that I as founder at DreamVision am not able to realize but working together with the big company I believe it will come to life. I will devote myself to make it happen and to be able to report the outcome on this blog at the end of the next year.

From today I will return to my hometown, Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture where I was born and raised. Go skiing with our family that I have restarted from the end of 2015. Because of the cold wave, the condition at the ski resort seems good.

I want to get a good start in 2019!

I wish all of my friends and people who read my blog an Exciting & Happy New Year!

Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.




そんな僕の問題意識を解決してくれたのは、Tim Romero というアメリカ人の友人(起業家、エンジェル投資家)だった。彼からの説明は、たったひとつの技術的な観点だけだったが、そのことにより、ブロックチェーンの可能性とその構造故、ブロックチェーンには向かない領域がたくさんあることの両方を理解することができた。巷で言われている「すべてはブロックチェーンに移行する」というのは「リアリティがない」ことが、よく分かった。


今年の前半は毎月のように海外に出掛けたが、今、改めてGoogle Calendar を見直してみると、1月下旬から2月上旬は「長男の中学受験」だった。そんなこともあったな・・・というぐらい、もうずいぶんと昔のことのように感じる。



家族のことで言えばもうひとつ、長男と次男のお蔭で、洋楽派で尚且つ世事に疎い僕も、最近はJ-POPを聴く機会に恵まれている。「ONE OK ROCK」の「c.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.」と「SEKAI NO OWARI」の「RAIN」がお気に入り。若いということは、ただそれだけで素晴らしい。そう思うほどに、歳をとったということだ・・・。横浜スタジアムを満員にした彼らの将来が明るいものだといいね。



いいスタートを切りたいね! 皆さん、良いお年を!!